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Terms of
use of the site, information security and privacy policy

Updated version correct as of: May 14, 2021 Terms of Use

  1. Thank you for choosing to browse this website owned by RICHY DAY Ltd., VAT 516147261 (hereinafter referred to as "EVENTOBOT").
  2. The website provides general and marketing information regarding the services offered by Eventobot and allows users to contact Eventobot in order to receive various proposals from Eventobot, according to the preferences and choices of the website visitor.
  3. The company and/or Eventobot reserve the right to change and/or update these Terms of Use and any content on the website without prior notice to website visitors, based on Eventobot's discretion. The most updated version of these Terms of Use will appear on the website at all times.
  4. These Terms of Use, including the Privacy Policy and Information Security Policy contained herein, encompass all legal conditions applicable to the use of the website and bind anyone who chooses to access the website and use it.

Please take the time to read these Terms of Use carefully and act accordingly. If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions, please refrain from using the website, providing personal information, and utilizing the services offered on it.

  1. All references to the masculine gender in these terms are for convenience purposes only and apply equally to the feminine gender and vice versa. All references to the singular in these terms are valid for the plural and vice versa. When referring to a person, the terms also apply to corporations.

The user acknowledges and agrees that:

  1. These Terms of Use do not grant any rights and/or licenses to modify and/or adapt the website and/or its content.
  2. It is prohibited to use the website unlawfully and/or in violation of these Terms of Use, without derogating from the generality of the following:
  • To modify, duplicate, reproduce, copy, distribute copies, publish, emulate, or tamper with the accompanying software.
  • To create derivative works from the accompanying software or the content.
  • To bypass, alter, interfere with, or disable safety components protecting the hardware and/or accompanying software and/or digital content on the website.
  • To use robots, scanners, or other automated means to access or create an index of the digital content.
  • To rent, lease, lease out, sublicense, duplicate, display, distribute, or make use of the content available to third parties.

Eventobot and/or the company, at their discretion, may prevent a user from using the website by blocking them in the company's systems in any of the following cases:

  1. The user engaged in illegal activities and/or violated legal provisions.
  2. The user violated the terms of use.
  3. The user provided false, deceptive, or inaccurate information during correspondence or conversations with Eventobot representatives.
  4. The user engaged in actions or omissions that could harm Eventobot, the company, any of their representatives, or the proper functioning of the website or any third party.
  5. The user intentionally sought to disrupt the website's operations.
  1. The website includes promotional information about the services offered by Eventobot in various fields and also offers users the option to provide their details and receive additional information and promotional offers from Eventobot. The company is authorized to transfer the personal information collected about you to Eventobot, subject to your consent when providing them through the means specified on the website.The company stores the information you provide in a separate computer system to prevent access by other entities.
  2. Links on the website to internal pages or any external websites do not constitute a guarantee, assurance, or commitment that the linked website is secure, of high quality, or contains reliable information to be relied upon. Always consult with an authorized and qualified entity. Therefore, any visit to a linked website should be solely at your own discretion, and you assume personal and exclusive responsibility for any harm that may result from clicking on any of the links appearing on the website.
  3. Do not provide information for anyone who is not under the age of 18 (and is under your responsibility) without their consent and/or knowledge. The use of the website, in any form, and performing actions on it are allowed only to individuals who are 18 years of age or older.
  4. Eventobot and/or the company and/or their representatives shall not be liable for any damage or loss, whether direct or indirect, of any kind or nature, caused to the user and/or any third party due to the use of the information presented on the website, whether as marketing/advertising material and/or due to links placed on the website or any other content.
  5. Eventobot and/or the company shall not be liable for any damage or loss in connection with the suitability of the services provided by the website to the users and/or the compatibility of the website with their personal computers, or for damages, malfunctions, or issues related to software, servers, or any third-party services on which the website relies for its operation. Users are advised to take this into account when relying on the website's content or the services it provides.
  6. Exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute between the parties regarding this agreement and/or arising from it shall be granted to the competent court in Haifa.
  7. In any case where any provision of this document becomes illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, it shall not prevent or detract from the validity or enforceability of the other provisions of this document. It is clarified that, in such a case, a similar provision that is valid and enforceable shall be applied in place of the provision that was deleted or removed.
  8. For questions or problems related to any malfunction and/or issue related to the website's operations and validity, please contact the technical support of the company at the email address or directly contact Eventobot at the email address or visit

Privacy and information security

  1. The company collects information about the visitors and users of the website for Eventobot with the aim of improving the quality and nature of the services provided through the website.
  2. The personal information that you are asked to provide to Eventobot is only information required directly for the purpose of contacting you in order to forward a commercial offer, for the purpose of providing an initial free consultation in one of Eventobot's areas, etc., and you have no legal obligation to provide said information, although failure to provide it and /or providing incorrect information may prevent Eventobot or anyone on its behalf from contacting you in response to your request, or even constitute a violation of these terms of use.

It is clarified that providing incorrect details, or not providing all the required details, may prevent the use of the website, damage the quality of the service provided, and impair the ability to contact you, or in the case of providing incorrect or false details, constitute a violation of the terms of use of the website or constitute an offense against the law for all that it implies.

The type of information collected

  1. Identification information and contact methods that the user chooses to enter in the relevant fields - such as full name, contact information (phone / email).
  2. The company also collects statistical-aggregate information for Eventobot during browsing on the website and related to the way the website is used, which does not identify you personally and is not saved with your details. This information may include your operating system, your browser ID and type, resolution, and the pages and products you have viewed.
  3. Contact details, including additional personal information that you will provide as part of receiving the initial consultation and/or conversation and/or conversation or correspondence with Eventobot representatives, when it is made clear that after the contact of Eventobot representatives to the user following the transfer of information on the website, the use and processing of the information that will be transferred as part of the initial consultation, the conversation , the correspondence or conversation will be regulated under Eventobot's privacy policy available at any time at the link: Privacy Policy and Information Security

The use that will be made of the information

Eventobot will use the information collected and processed by the company as detailed below in the information that will be collected, subject to the provisions of the law:

  1. Enable the use of the website and the services offered therein.
  2. To improve and add to the services offered on the website, for this purpose, the company will use statistical information that does not identify you personally.
  3. Сheck the integrity and operation of the site, including quality control and statistical analysis of the use of the site. For this purpose, the company will use statistical information that does not identify you personally.
  4. To send messages regarding promotions and services on the website, subject to your consent to registration on the distribution list.
  5. Adapt the services on the website to your preferences and interests.
  6. To contact you in order to provide commercial offers according to the type of requested service for which you entered your personal details and sent a contact request for.
  7. Enforce the privacy policy and terms of use of the site and/or act in accordance with the requirements of the law or the authorized authorities.
  • Advertising information and direct mail
  •  Subject to your express consent, your email address and/or telephone number will be added to the distribution list managed by the company for the purpose of sending electronic messages of any kind, including SMS, regarding publications, commercial updates, benefits, promotions and other advertising and marketing information in accordance with the provisions of the Communications Law (Bezeq and broadcasts) (Amendment No. 40), 2008 (hereinafter: "The Spam Law"). If you wish to have the company remove you from the mailing list, you may do so at any time by sending an email to or to PO Box 25484, Haifa or by clicking on the dedicated link at the bottom of each publication and/or A message will be sent to you.
  •  For the avoidance of doubt, the company will still be entitled to use your email for the purpose of sending operational messages (such as registration confirmation, receipt invoice, order confirmation, etc.), as well as for statistical purposes and other needs in accordance with applicable law, even if you are not registered on the distribution list.
  1. In addition, the company may use its database to contact you personally through direct mail, subject to your consent to this in advance when checking the option: "I agree to have my details retained by the Company and to receive marketing materials and offers from the Company" at the bottom of the website and / or before sending a request to contact you.
  2. According to the Privacy Protection Law, you have the right to demand in writing that the information relating to you or part of it, as part of a database used for direct mail, be deleted from the database. In any case, information necessary for the company to conduct its business, including the documentation of your request through the website - will continue to be kept in the company's database according to law, but in the event that you have requested the company in writing, it will no longer be used for contacting you.

Information security measures and protection of personal information

The company devotes resources, takes various security measures and does its best to prevent intrusion into the database, to protect the integrity of the collected information, to prevent a possible violation of the users' privacy and to observe confidentiality as required. The information is collected and stored in a secure environment that uses a combination of security technologies, security practices and other organizational measures to protect the personal information of each user against unauthorized access, use or disclosure, all in accordance with the requirements of any law. for example:

  1.  Before purchasing any product or receiving services that involve personal information, you will be asked to specify personal identification information as a condition for providing the service;
  2. The communication between your browser and the company's server is encrypted and secured using modern and strict encryption methods and through encryption mechanisms that are standards for information encryption issues in the Internet world (the purpose of creating the secure connection is to prevent the transmitted information from being exposed to the eyes of other Internet surfers).
  3. There is constant supervision and control over all communications that begin or end in the company's connection with the Internet.

Despite the use of the means and technologies listed above, vulnerabilities, malfunctions and/or disruptions cannot be completely ruled out. Therefore, the company does not guarantee that the information systems and the website will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored therein. You hereby agree that you will not have any claim and/or demand and/or claim against the company and/or anyone on its behalf due to injuries, malfunctions and/or or disruptions as mentioned. The company recommends that you take all possible precautions to protect your personal information when you are active on the Internet.

Transfer of information to third parties

Apart from the transfers of information between Eventobot and the company, as explicitly stated in this privacy policy above, neither the company nor Eventobot will give third parties the information you provided or collected regarding your activity on the website, except in the following cases:

  1.  To the extent that the company is obliged to do so according to a judicial order and/or according to a demand from an authority authorized to require this information and/or in accordance with any other legal provision. In this case, the company may disclose the users' details in accordance with the instructions of the judicial order and/or the instructions of the enforcement body and/or the instructions of the authorized administrative body, without any prior notice.
  2.  To the extent that you violate the site's terms of use and/or carry out an activity on the site that violates the law.
  3.  To the extent that a legal dispute, claim, claim, demand or legal proceedings arise between you and the company (including our subsidiaries and/or related companies) and/or anyone on its behalf, within which the disclosure of information about you will be required.
  4.  In the event that, at the company's sole discretion, the transfer of the information is necessary to prevent serious damage to you or your property and/or insofar as the transfer is required to prevent serious damage to the body or property of a third party.
  5.  To the extent that the company organizes the site's activities within another corporation, as well as in the case of a merger of the company with another entity or a merger of the site's activities with the activities of a third party, then the company will be entitled to transfer to the new corporation a copy of the stored information as well as any statistical information, provided that this corporation receives Assume all the company's obligations towards you, and undertake to act in accordance with this privacy policy.

The company may use the services of third parties in order to operate the website or deliver the products, such as a courier company. The company will provide these third parties with the user's information only to the extent that they are needed for the provision of the services, and these third parties and/or their employees and/or anyone on their behalf are prohibited from using the information provided to them for any other purpose, and the permission to use the users' information will be subject to to the Privacy Protection Law and any other law.

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