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We provide a platform for selling tickets to concerts and events. The platform is constantly evolving and can incorporate any of your desired feature expansions!

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Our goal is your sales. With the help of our developments and technologies, you will gather full halls of spectators. We reduce prices, maximize value for customers, expand databases, provide show business algorithms, and reach out to innovate next-generation developments.



You are interested in independence and do not want to play by someone's rules


You are looking for better, ready-made and complexity solution for your objectives


You are interested in new technologies for optimization your marketing activities


You are interested in high-skilled team for effective work of your website and advertising of your events


If you are number one in organization and marketing of events, EventoBot is the best High-load solution for distributing ticket

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Online Ticket Sales System – “MAST” in the World of Shows and Events

Until recently, there were few ready-made solutions that would allow any business to quickly and efficiently develop a system for selling tickets to events – but today the field has evolved significantly and our online ticket sales system is one of the most advanced.

“All-Inclusive” Ticket Sales System – What Does That Mean?

Our ticket sales system allows you to enjoy the platform’s functionality without investing in development costs. You can inform potential participants about your event, start registration, and sell tickets online – all without too much investment or complexity, and at an affordable cost.

Which System is Right for You?

We offer a WHITE LABEL system that allows you to customize the platform for your branding, business needs, and specific target audience, and also enjoy a personalized license at convenient prices. Our platform is suitable for various businesses, from small to large, and can be upgraded and adjusted to changes in your company’s workflow.

Platform for Ticket Sales – Who is it Suitable for?

Our system is suitable for businesses of all sizes and offers a technological solution at a fixed price, without eating into your profits from sales. This is particularly beneficial for companies with large sales volumes and limited budgets.

Variety of cards and promotions – it’s possible

Our system is suitable for selling tickets to concerts, festivals, exhibitions, museums, parties, and events. It is also suitable for managing a club of members and subscribers. In our system, the organizer actually makes all the decisions: they can choose which type of tickets they want to sell – a regular ticket at a standard price, a ticket with advanced registration, a discount with a coupon code, a gift ticket, 1+1 promotions, and more – all the options that come to mind. After purchasing the ticket, guests are automatically added to a list that will be saved in the software for online ticket sales. You can manage an updated list of your events and use this data to send emails and invite guests to future events.

Interested in collecting additional information about guests, in addition to their first name, last name, and email address? No problem. The system allows you to customize the approval form so that all the relevant details for the organizers will be part of the fields in the form.

Secure payment system and mobile options

When it comes to payments, our online ticket sales system allows for great flexibility for guests and organizers. Starting with a reliable and secure service for credit card payments and transactions, and ending with advanced payment options in apps, digital wallets, and more. If necessary, you can choose to add additional payment methods, discount codes, and more. Within our system, you can also receive an option for payment systems abroad, in case your company expands and you work not only in Israel. The system is translated into 7 languages, so even if you need to market tickets abroad, you can do so without any problem.

Order tickets from mobile devices with a click

Our online ticket sales system allows guests to purchase event tickets from their mobile devices, even if they are in the middle of a trip in the Galilee. It all runs smoothly from selecting seats to completing the payment and receiving confirmation via email or text message. We offer you a win-win system where both you and your guests will greatly benefit from the possibilities that our online ticket sales system provides.


White label website

Individual website for your Events

מערכת סליקה Upay

אפשרות לתשלום ללקוחות בכרטיסי אשראי ובאפליקציית Bit

Payment systems

Wide range of payment systems

Mobile devices

Your website optimized for IOS and Android devices

Control panel

Simple and useful control panel for event

Report system

Effective and flexible for producers and distributors needs


Separate application for scanning tickets


System of internal gateway system, that allows to share events with partners inside the platform Eventobot


Opportunity to create subscriptions for any terms and combining of different events on one group with statistic and visiting

"Last Call"

Allows to sell last tickets to events at the last moment with super price

Email campaign

Our mode for bulk email campaigns will allow to send informative emails to all your clients

Flexible system of discounts

4 different types of discounts + add. ticket services. promotional codes and special promotional offers after purchases

QR scanner

Application for Android and IOS, developed by us to control the passage of customers


The system supports multiple languages and currencies

Add-on Store

Various tools that enhance the platform's performance
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