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We provide a platform for selling tickets to concerts and events. The platform is constantly evolving and can incorporate any of your desired feature expansions!

Registration System
for Events

Organizing an event is a task that involves building a strategy, planning, and logistics, all before even addressing the issue of registration. Participant registration for a business event is an art and a procedure in itself: it requires targeted exposure of the event to defined target audiences, collecting participant information from previous events, offering different types of tickets, collecting payment, and creating meticulous ticket control at the event hall entrance. Feeling overwhelmed? This is where a smart event registration system comes into the picture, combining advanced technologies, artificial intelligence, and an understanding of cutting-edge marketing and advertising methods to take control of the ticket booking, payment, and control process.

Event Registration System - The Smart Algorithm Working for You

Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and let's simulate what would make you leave your comfortable couch to attend a business event? Let us voice your thoughts: targeted exposure in the marketing world, people have learned to filter out excess advertisements and selectively choose those that are relevant to them. So what does work in the advertising world? Only targeted attacks. Back to the customer's standpoint, if you receive a targeted message inviting you to participate in an event that deals with topics that interest you, there is a high chance that you will read the marketing message and maybe even respond to it. A user-friendly and easy-to-use registration system is crucial for customers; nothing is more anti-marketing than a complicated, slow, and inconvenient registration system. As a business owner, you must manage a super-convenient and user-friendly ticket booking website or application. "User experience" - remember this term, usually, it makes a difference between enthusiastic event registration and complete disinterest. It is essential that the booking site is adapted to both iOS and Android devices.

As customers, we love having payment options: cash, credit, payment apps, and digital wallets, all with no restrictions and perfect security. In addition, as business owners, if you have customers abroad, you must provide payment options for foreign cardholders. It is important that your system displays translations in multiple languages to streamline and facilitate the purchasing process.

Introducing the Advanced Registration System: Eventobot

Eventobot is an event registration system that offers much more than just registration. With it, you can have complete control over the registration process, from data and information collection. The system uses innovative technologies, artificial intelligence, and is based on advanced marketing and advertising concepts. Let Eventobot do the work for you.

Eventobot Company

The company offers innovative development with the world view that what businesses and events need today is more than just a standard registration system. The company creates an advanced algorithm tailored precisely to the needs of the business and specific event. "All inclusive" - the system that does everything.

Personalized Registration Systems

In the world of event registration systems, there are functional systems that are fixed without the ability to adapt. Eventobot offers a WHITE LABEL system that allows business owners to customize the reservation system to their brand, needs, and business character. The platform is suitable for a variety of businesses of different sizes, offering advanced and completely affordable services.

Modular Registration Forms

With the system, you can collect data and information according to modular registration forms, as you define the relevant fill-in fields for you. In a business world where the most valuable resource of companies is their customer database, this carries great weight for you.

A Variety of Event Ticket Types

Eventobot's event registration system offers 4 types of event tickets: standard tickets, gift tickets, entry tickets with coupon codes, and tickets that include benefits and deals. This is an additional marketing tool to get your target audience interested in the event and order an entry ticket. Here you can also use the "Last Call" module for selling discounted tickets in the last minute.

Perfect User Experience

The system offers a user-friendly and convenient content management interface for event professionals, while also adapting to all types of mobile devices. This allows your customers to book event tickets without any problems.

Extended Payment System

The system allows for secure credit card payment and accepts all types of payment applications, digital wallets, and more. In addition, the system is translated into 7 languages, making all information accessible to your customers around the world. Branded Website. With the White label site, you can easily create a branded ticket sales site based on the company's design language for more reliable and professional event registration.

Mailing List

The system creates a personalized newsletter module for a variety of mailing lists.

Eventobot - Smart Workers on the Way to an Event

Eventobot is a recommended and favorite event registration system due to its use of advanced technologies, personalized adaptation to business needs, the use of artificial intelligence, and perfect management capability. Eventobot - This is how event registration is managed today. Control in your hands.

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