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We provide a platform for selling tickets to concerts and events. The platform is constantly evolving and can incorporate any of your desired feature expansions!

Registration System
for Conferences

Professional conference management is an effective marketing tool for achieving business goals, exposing business messages, and getting closely acquainted with the world of content and services offered by businesses. However, every conference requires a business audience of customers or potential customers. How do you make people show up at your conference? This is where the Eventobot registration system comes in - a registration system for conferences that is much more than just a registration system. Read on to learn about the virtual robotic system that is an integral part of successful conferences, productions, and events.

Smart Registration - Meet the Most Advanced Registration System for Conferences

Registration systems in 2023 no longer focus solely on booking places for conferences. In the age where bots are entering the picture, the registration system bot for conferences is aligned with your business goals: targeted exposure of your business and information management within your business. The bot offers advanced options for maximizing business exposure among potential participants and creating efficient databases for future use. Sounds complex? We are here to provide more details:

eading: Ticket Purchase System and a Variety of Customer Management Activities

The conference registration system enables advanced use of a ready-made platform that suits your needs like a glove. Through the system, you can inform your potential target audience about various types of conferences and events, perform online registration and sell tickets while managing payment operations - all included in the robotic registration system for conferences that does most of the work for you.

Branded Website for Your Conferences and Events

Your customers love formality, branding, and a uniform design language. An internet site with your company's branding is a precise platform where your customers will enjoy ordering their tickets for the conference. No, it does not mean that you have to work hard for it - the conference registration company will also take care of it: a White Label website - a perfect internet site for your events where orders can be customized according to the type and nature of your conferences. The foundation can be changed later on to accommodate changes and updates that characterize dynamic business lives, especially among large and medium-sized companies.

Ticket Management and Discounts

The smart registration system allows for precise management of ticket types and discounts where you can choose from four types of discounts for conference admission:

  • Regular ticket at standard price
  • Pre-registration ticket
  • Discounted ticket with a coupon code
  • Ticket that includes benefits and promotions

Of course, the event organizer can set the desired price for each ticket type. After purchasing a ticket, the system will automatically save the purchaser's details in an organized list saved in this software. The list will be important information that can be used as a mailing list for inviting people to future conferences and events.

Managing Registration Forms

Collecting information about event participants is essential in today's business world. The more information you have about your clients, the more you can tailor your marketing efforts and achieve excellent results. With Eventobot's registration system, you can create a customized form for your conference, including relevant fields for the information you want to collect from your guests.

Payment Options and Credit Card Processing

Payment processing can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Eventobot's virtual robotic system offers reliable and secure payment options, including credit card processing, digital wallet payment, payment app integration, and more. You can even set up personalized payment options, such as discounts or other promotions. Eventobot's system allows your clients to make payments from anywhere in the world using an advanced, multilingual platform.

Mobile-Friendly Ordering

With Eventobot, your conference or event registration system is accessible from any iOS or Android device, making it easy for your clients to order tickets and enjoy your services with just a click.

User-Friendly and Convenient

A user-friendly registration system is crucial in ensuring customer satisfaction. With Eventobot, you can enjoy a fast, easy, and intuitive platform that simplifies the registration process, making it easier for your clients to interact with your event or conference.

Eventobot - The Advanced System for Conference and Event Management

Eventobot's advanced robotic system is designed to simplify the conference and event management process. It offers a complete package, including advanced registration and participant management, payment processing, personalized payment options, user-friendly interfaces tailored to the events industry, custom reports for conference organizers, and more. With Eventobot, you can expand your business, reach more customers, and create a professional and successful event.

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