Innovative platform for selling tickets and manage events

We provide a platform for selling tickets to concerts and events. The platform is constantly evolving and can incorporate any of your desired feature expansions!

How will
a mobile ticket selling platform improve your event?

A mobile ticket selling platform is designed for the community of producers and artists planning an event in front of the public and looking for a simple, profitable and quality solution for selling tickets. This way, you can offer tickets for sale through social media, WhatsApp groups, Telegram or community to organize ticket sales with greater comfort and ease. You get order and organization, and your clients will be able to enjoy the comfort. Easy to share, easy to order, easy to pay and easy to enjoy an impressive and fun show, as well as meet a new audience.

Life is a stage and tickets are in your mobile phone

A live performance by a youth band, a play in the theater, a performance by foreign artists, a stand-up comedy that makes you laugh until you cry, or a mesmerizing magic show by illusionists? Everyone likes to watch exciting and fun or dramatic and heartbreaking performances. And when you're on stage, very excited, you really don't want to worry about selling tickets. While you're tuning your instruments, rehearsing your parts, stretching your muscles or looking for a rabbit, the mobile sales system will do all the work for you and sell tickets to your event with ease online. With the mobile ticket selling platform, you can send a link to everyone you want to invite to the event, accept payments with digital credit card payment or various payment processing companies (Paypal, Bit, Pay Box), automatically fill the hall and focus only on your performance.

The mobile ticket selling platform is the easiest and most convenient way to sell tickets to an event

Whether you are an artist or producer, want to organize a charity event or present yourself to the public as young musicians, the mobile system is the easiest and most profitable way to allow ticket sales for events with greater comfort and ease, even from abroad! This way, you can focus on preparing for the event instead of worrying about sales. You can place a link to buy tickets on your website or in social media and quickly fill the halls.

Who is it for?

The mobile ticket selling platform is suitable for anyone. With the system, you can sell tickets for charity, commercial and advertising events in a very simple and easy way. Ticket ordering will be done automatically, without the need to worry about anything:

  • Graduations: Students who organize a graduation ceremony at school or college often sell tickets for a symbolic fee to cover costs, finance the party. This way, parents, siblings and the closest environment can easily purchase tickets with great comfort and without effort to please the children who have worked very hard all year.
  • Artistic performance: Musicians, actors, stand-up comedians, singers, illusionists and other creators can sell tickets to their original show with great ease and convenience, especially in a profitable way to meet new audiences and gain experience on stage.
  • Business conferences and commercial events: Producers and various entrepreneurs who want to organize performances by foreign speakers, conferences, lectures, seminars, product launches and other events, and need a convenient and efficient ticket sales system.

Mobile ticket selling platform: how to make the sale of your event tickets more convenient, efficient and economical?

The mobile system is an easy and secure way to sell digital tickets to events. In today's technological world, it is very easy for people to book a seat in the hall through their mobile phone or computer, pay with a credit card or other methods such as PayPal, Bit or PayBox, and present the digital ticket quickly and conveniently at the event itself. Therefore, you do not need to worry about ticket sales, as this happens completely automatically. You just need to spread the link through your marketers, newsletter, social media, where your target audience is located, WhatsApp, Telegram or any other network where you have a community of followers and interested people. Anyone who wants to support you or see your performance can register for the event or buy a ticket easily and conveniently, even without getting up from the couch.

Online ticket sales: how to attract more audience and sell more tickets?

When you send a link to purchase tickets through your target audience marketers, you significantly simplify the purchase process for your fans and followers. Instead of going to box offices, which raise the ticket price to make a profit for themselves, or walking to the box office at the event venue, which can be quite cumbersome, they will be able to buy a ticket or complete the registration process in less than a minute through the online ticket selling platform, paying with a credit card or using one of the existing payment systems on the market, and the ticket will remain on their mobile device. It is easy, convenient, very economical, and with enough good advertising, you will generate a lot of interest, increase your target audience and sell more tickets, because when it is so easy and convenient, tickets.

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