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We provide a platform for selling tickets to concerts and events. The platform is constantly evolving and can incorporate any of your desired feature expansions!

How a
mobile ticketing system can help create a better event

Being an event producer or organizer today is a completely different business than it was a few years ago. Every child knows that in order to "look good", you need to understand algorithms of platforms such as "cracking the code", learn what works in the industry and what doesn't, and commit to the matter almost 24/7. Do you have the time and knowledge required? Well, eventobot does, and they want to share with you some great insights. What is an online ticketing system, you ask? You'll find out soon.

Event Production - Modern Times

Posting on social media and promoting the event is, of course, great, but what happens when potential visitors want to attend the event - go to the concert, attend the exhibition, or be present at the launch? In practice, your event - regardless of its nature - requires a website that will allow you to manage the event, enable ticket sales, and provide an option to track sales and optimize at any given moment (especially when you don't see real results for your advertising).

The Most Convenient Way to Purchase Tickets Today

Today, our potential customers are less interested in leaving their details to be contacted by us - speaking with customer service representatives is becoming less and less enjoyable for us. Purchasing tickets for an event and getting all the information online is much more convenient for us in terms of both comfort and time. Our ticketing system must be tailored to this need - to allow us to order tickets conveniently, quickly, and efficiently.

Brand Website

So yes, it is possible to sell tickets on your brand's website as well, but there are several issues we need to expand on.

The first problem is the site's lack of adaptation for online ticket sales. Not every brand website really allows us to purchase tickets for such events and others. The reasons for this can be many - from a system that is simply not tailored for online ticket sales, a mechanism that is not convenient, to the need to pay a sum of money each month for building a special ticketing system that does not always yield results.

The second problem is a lack of broad advertising. In order to promote the event, we need to rely not only on advertising on various social media platforms and waiting for potential visitors to contact us - we need to initiate this conversation.

The third problem is a lack of adjustment of the system for different deals and discounts. How many times have you tried to enter a discount code on a certain website, encountered a refusal or an inability to identify the code, and after several (too many) attempts, decided to give up without purchasing anything? Yes, the feeling is shared by all of us. Therefore, there is a need for a website built to deal with changes in prices, receive coupon codes, and calculate promotions in advance, without having to run and redefine things every time.

These are the main problems, but what is the solution?

The necessary solution is a dedicated website that is constantly engaged in clear goals - selling tickets, contacting potential customers, managing ticket inventory, and more.

Why not do it through the brand's website if it exists?

The simple reason is that adding extra features to a website costs money, sometimes even a lot of money every month. And if that's not enough, the payment system doesn't always fit a wide range of target audiences, including those abroad. It's also worth mentioning that there's often a mismatch between the brand's website ticketing system and many mobile devices, which can greatly affect the success of the event.

The solution

Eventobot has thought about this and found a way to overcome a variety of problems by renting a special platform for selling tickets for your brand or for such an event. This way, you can enjoy a system whose main and primary function is to sell tickets, a system that is built to withstand pressure and high loads and won't crash if three people try to buy tickets at the same time. In addition, the same system is also designed to work with a variety of payment methods and to be user-friendly on a variety of mobile devices - something that cannot be ignored nowadays. And the bottom line - a fixed monthly payment for the service - without unpleasant surprises at the end of each month.

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We have a great experience to consider personal requirements of every producer, organizer or distributor. So, we clearly understand that ready-made solutions are not flexible enough to satisfy customers' needs. That is why it is so important for our team to research our customer’s requirements and adapt our platform according to their individual needs. Only with a such concept both sides will be satisfied.

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